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Super talented and creative people like you experience life as a never ending quest of discovery. As an entrepreneur, your innate passion and sense of purpose helps you transform ideas into meaningful opportunities and positively impact the world around you. Everyday you face difficult decisions and the challenges that come with growing an organization. Successful entrepreneurs and business leaders know when they need a boost to get to the next level of performance. Moving beyond the ground floor of a business is tough. I help my clients develop the leadership clarity needed to scale an entrepreneurial venture.

Already experiencing great success? Still finding your way? Completely stuck in the mud? I’m here to work with you to unlock the full potential of you and your business.



“Travis helped me navigate a critical period in my business’s growth. We had just begun a national partnership and was working in three different countries, doubling our revenue and head count. I needed someone who could help me identify the blind spots in my path - Travis is that guy. Our sessions are rich, efficient, and organized - I leave each one have a clearer sense of exactly where I need to set my focus and when to move on to the next task. He also helped me see past my skill set so that I could bring on the right support for projects that weren’t a good use of my time, but needed to get done to move the ball down the field. Travis has been an invaluable support, and I look forward to his continued partnership as our work expands and deepens.

— Luke Taylor, Founder - Spark Prep



Reinventing Scale-Ups: Radical Ideas for Growing Companies explores radical ideas that will challenge your own thinking about what it means to be a leader. Featuring outlier and progressive organizations around the world whose leaders have chosen to break from tradition and find new and unique ways of scaling-up. It’s a collection of ideas, experiences and practical tips to stimulate thinking and help you shape your organization.

This book comes out of hundreds of conversations with leaders that I’ve had around how to create both business success and success for the people at the company. It came out of hearing so many times from leaders ‘What are other people doing and how is it going for them?’

What I Offer

Leadership Development

As the team grows, the need for more leadership grows too. Whether it’s improving how much everyone is radically candid in their feedback or how much radical responsibility people take, we can help.

Facilitating Meetings that Matter

Whether it’s the strategy or an executive off-site, having effective meetings that matter can make a difference in the trajectory of the company for a year or longer.


For founders or other senior leaders. If you already have the basics of leadership and you want bespoke attention to take you to the next level this is a great option for you. We’ll make traction on your most pressing problems right now.

Co-founder Coaching

When the relationship with the other co-founders is good, everything else becomes easier and the business runs better. Together we’ll unlock the most meaningful relationships in your professional career and make it the best it can be.

Team Development

Most teams never even reach the sum of the parts, let alone reach the synergies that are possible with great teams. We all want the teams we’re on to perform at an optimal level, and yet we miss. That’s because it’s non-obvious what holds back a team from success. 

Improving Decisions

Good, fast decision making is the lifeblood of any organization. In addition to good development at the personal level, there are practices & structures that help enable everyone to make the best decision in an efficient fashion. 



Hi, I’m Travis Marsh.

I work with progressive founders and leaders in companies that have a limited amount of hierarchy or are on a path towards lighter hierarchy. This often shows up when companies are growing and they want to maintain their agility and engagement. Many founders I talk to also realize that the most common answer they get when scaling is to put in procedures & hierarchy. They also realize that many of the traditional elements of hierarchy limit creativity and slowly cripple speedy decision making.

For these and other reasons the founders and companies I work with are trying to chose a more effective and more human centered approach to getting work done.

“The conversations I have with Travis have made me significantly more effective guiding my company. I have similar conversations about similar topics with many people, but they almost never leave me with the depth of insight that I have when I talk with Travis. The insights have helped me improve, but more importantly, they have helped build other leaders at Creator.
— Alex Vardakostas, Founder & CEO - Creator

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